“If your spouse is angry you should be calm. When one is fire the other should be water.” Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA)

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation. —Rumi

“Whoever gives for the sake of Allah, withholds for the sake of Allah, loves for the sake of Allah, hates for the sake of Allah, and marries for the sake of Allah, he has indeed perfected his faith.” — Prophet Muhammad (SAW) [At-Tirmidhi, 2713]

“I swear by Allah, I never made her angry nor forced her to do anything untill Allah, the Mighty took away her soul. She never made me uneasy, nor did she disobey me, and whenever i looked at her, all my grief and sorrows vanished away.” — Imam Ali (as) regarding Sayyeda Fatema Zahra (sa)

“A handsome guy & a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding. But a faithful man & a prayerful woman will make a beautiful marriage.”


About Us

We are  Qazi in Hyderabad, India and have been performing Marriages & divorces since 30 years under the Qila Mohammed Nagar Sadar Qazi. We perform all our services in accordance with Sharia and Indian law.

It is an honor to unite two people by means of marriage to complete their Deen and to live a peaceful,happy life but due to lack of islamic knowledge there has been a great increase in divorce rate in Muslim community, we are not just performing marriages but also trying hard to save your marriage by counseling for troubled couples.

We sincerely advise the young generation to learn this beautiful Deen Prophet(saws) has brought for us , learn the Rights(Huqook) of husband and wife so that you not only live a satisfying life here but also attain Jannah in hearafter.